To make a successful hockey season we require parents, past players, community members, etc to help out.  There are many important positions, many that require very little time. Most of our volunteer positions also require little or no experience in hockey. 

Let this be your opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of our youth. 

Volunteer Application Form


Safety Parent  

Qualifications needed:

     Hockey Canada Safety Clinic     Recertification required after 3 years

          Categories = Trainer/Safety

          Qualification = HU-ONLINE Safety

          Session Format = Online - Recorded/On-Demand

          Host Organization = BC Hockey

     Concussion Training (CATT)     No recertification required

           Choose Coach

     Respect in Sport - Activity Leader     Recertification required after 5 years

     Criminal Record Check     Required every 3 years

     Please see below for CRC information

Team Manager

Qualifications needed:

     Concussion Training (CATT)     No recertification required

           Choose Coach

     Respect in Sport - Activity Leader     Recertification required after 5 years

     Criminal Record Check     Required every 3 years

     Please see below for CRC information

 Criminal Record Checks

     Access Code: FY4HH6R6BN

     Cost: free for volunteers

     Must be completed before stepping on the ice. 

     *CRC's can take up to 2 weeks to receive back.

As per Tri Port MHA's Volunteer screening policy, all volunteers are required to do a Criminal record Checks (CRCs)  every 3 years.  Online checks are the preferred method and automatically include a "vulnerable person check" when done online.   The results of the online CRC are emailed directly to the TriPort Administrator from the Justice Department and will be held confidential as per existing agreements.     

If an online check is not possible, please visit your local detachment for appropriate forms to fill out.  Be sure to request that a vulnerable person check be completed at same time as the CRC.  The results of CRCs that are done at local detachments need to be received by the Tri Port Administrator. 

On Ice Helper

Qualifications needed:

Certifications required (by age) are below

On ice helpers are team officials who follow the direction of the Head Coach at practices.  Duties include setting up and taking down stations, supervision, leading drills when directed, reporting issues to the head coach for development. On ice helpers are not bench officials, and therefore are not permitted on the bench during games.” 

TPMHA encourages and welcomes on-ice helpers! 

The following guidelines are in place for on-ice helpers; the chart (link below) is provided to assist in ensuring all on-ice helpers are compliant with policies and expectations of the insurance program:


     1.   Any on-ice helpers must be a current registered member of BC Hockey / Hockey Canada. If the individual is not currently registered through a BC Hockey Member or as an Associate Member, the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) needs to be updated to include this person on the roster as a “volunteer” with the team(s).

     2.   Any helper, 16 years and older must take Respect in Sport-Activity Leader. Additionally, the helper must be under the direct supervision of the certified team officials. Concussion Awareness Training Tool is not mandatory for on-ice helpers.

     3.   Non-members offering coaching or other on-ice help for a fee are not volunteers, and therefore, must become a BC Hockey Associate Member prior to participation. Any person working in this capacity should not be rostered with a Minor Hockey Association (MHA).

     4.   MHAs are not to create “Volunteer” teams within the HCR for volunteers or executive members who do not participate in on-ice activities with the registered participants.

     5.   Application form for a Criminal Record Check can be obtained HERE (Access code: FY4HH6R6BN)

Other Positions:

Team Tournament Coordinator

Scorekeeper & Timeclock persons

Coach/Assistant Coach 

     See Coaching - Coaching Requirements


     See Referees - Referee Information

Executive positions for TriPort, PMMHC, PHMHC, NIE and Wild