Complaints - 24 hour Rule

We realize that there may be issues that arise from time to time, it is very important that all parties involved follow our 24 HOUR RULE, which is one of our most important policies.


A parent should not approach a coach, manager or official to discuss a game, game incident or a situation that occurred during a game that has provoked an adverse emotional response or created a potentially hostile situation until at least 24 hours after the fact. The intent of this 24 hour rule is to move a potential emotional and confrontational discussion away from the presence of the players and other parents and to allow all parties the chance to cool off before discussing the situation.

How to address a complaint

1. Follow the 24 hour rule policy

2. After 24 hours, inform your team manager of your concerns; If your concern is a safety issue please contact your team safety person.

3. Your team Manager will address any issues with the coach (s); the safety person will address any safety issues.

4. If you are still having concerns then please submit your complaint below.